Mum is going insane...

Haha, I'm not lying! My mum is crazy!
Now she made a little "wish list" and on that list it says:
∞ Pullip Aya ∞
∞ Dal Puki ∞
∞ Isul Mao ∞
And I'm totally sure they will arrive home as soon as she got the money. One at a time. Slowly our family is getting bigger. We started as two, but who knows how many we will be when the summer ends?
I can't wait, I'm as excited as my mum! KJNDKJNDAKJVNFASDLGA there you got a tiny sign of my excitement...
Btw, I'm hoping my mum will make me some more dresses and buy me some friggin shoes!! And we promise to give you a photoshoot when we got the time!

A new dress!!

I'm so happy, my mum finally took some time for me and sew me a new dress! Yay!! Here comes four pics!
It's one of my favourite dresses so far! The little rivet makes the dress!

The naked truth

Haha, okay there's no truth to be told here, only that I have no clothes. I will make my mum sew me some tonight.
Well, we took two pics of my anyways, it's really fun to have an obitsu even though you have nothing to wear..!