Sunny girl

I really like sunny days, so today me and mum headed outside to take some pictures. Unfortunately I have no more new clothes, but I hope mum will sew me some more when she gets time. This time I wore my first dress, the black one, because the grey dotty one does not fit anymore...

I'm obitsued!

Yeah, it feels awesome! Today I got my obitsu and my hands! So, my mum helped me to get it on and stuff, and she painted my eyebrows slightly darker and gave me another layer of lashes. I feel so pretty! Here comes three pictures!
Sorry, not the best quality in the pictures but it was so grey outside that the camera just didn't want to work with us!

Will I get my BFF?

Well, I hope so. When my mum gets more money, she's planning to get me a BFF. Hopefully I will have that girl soon by my side. But I won't tell you which Pullip she's planning to get, that will remain a secret because we're not sure if she's still out on the market when mum gets her money... but we're pretty sure. So it's just to wait and see... wait and see...


My Obitsu and my new hands are on their way home to my place! But "unfortunately" I will be slightly taller than my boyfriend, but I think he's okay with it! ;D
Well anyways, I'm super duper happy! Can't wait to feel more moveable, it's gonna be such a release!